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As featured inAquarius - A Sign of The Times Magazine - feature article and The Divine Declaration

The Divine Flow Of The Universe:
How Allowing And Sharing Can Improve Your Life

By W. Jane Robinson

Open the door to the flow of life. Abandon beating your head against the proverbial brick wall and discover the expansive world awaiting you. Think of a time when you may have said to yourself, “This is too difficult. I am struggling at every turn, and I don’t seem to get anywhere. I am going in circles, and my head aches from the internal battle.” I can relate. In previous years, I have bloodied my share of bricks on the wall of resistance. However, I have since learned the value of relaxing and allowing, rather than battling and whipping my life into shape. Allowing is a more peaceful and effective way of approaching life.

Open the door to the power of the universe and become a vessel for the flow of divine energy. Allow it to flow through you by incorporating methods with which you are comfortable for your growth, such as: meditation, energy healings, reading the writings of masters, or writing your own truths. You may also connect with the divine flow as you enjoy nature, your family and friends, or any endeavor in which you experience the “now” moment. Happiness, health, love, and peace are benefits of allowing the universal energy to flow into your consciousness.

Meditating or simply sitting quietly in nature is an excellent pathway through which to allow the universal flow of energy to enter and permeate your whole being with divine light. Imagine a light flowing in through your crown chakra (centered at the top of your head) and illuminating all of your cells as the light filters through your body and into the earth. Release a stream of light through your heart chakra and allow this energy to return to the universe as a rainbow of light or as colorful hearts of energy sending love and light into the universe. This exercise leaves you feeling peaceful, uplifted and open to flowing without resistance to your highest good.

Flowing with the current is an easier and a less stressful way to live than struggling upstream, kicking and screaming against the flow while getting banged and bruised on rocks of resistance, collecting debris that hinders our growth. Allowing the ebb and flow of life keeps us above the surface where we can easily breathe and relax in the support of our divine power.
Connecting with our deepest desires increases our power to create our life dreams. This process doesn’t mean you force a relationship or take from others. Instead you find what is right for your life, your divine highest good, and allow it to manifest. For example, if you are involved in a situation that isn’t working for you or is not in alignment with your highest good, you may receive signals this situation is not in sync with your value system, but perhaps you move into denial. Reluctantly, you accept the task of making it work out, or you try to change the environment. Step back for a moment and ask yourself, “Is this in my highest good, or am I accepting less than I really want in my life?”

Beginning with childhood and continuing throughout our lives, sharing is important. It is part of the flow of life. Francois Rabelais, a French monk from the 15th century said, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” When we shut down and become totally self-absorbed in an emotional vacuum, we suffocate our divine nature and restrict our energy. In contrast, we breathe life into creating joy and success through sharing and allowing life to flow.
Our lives are enriched with the experiences of others who share their experiences with us. People who share their life journey, truth, and lessons help many others. For example, motivational and inspirational authors and speakers have helped many people through sharing the lessons they learned and truths they discovered. Og Mandino shared his magnificent story of a time he contemplated the purchase of a gun in a pawn shop window. He was contemplating suicide. Instead, he stepped into the library to warm his weary bones and was moved to read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. The book changed his life. Eventually he became a major influence in the inspirational writers’ circle.

Allowing the flow of divine energy into our lives and releasing it out into the universe creates a brilliant light that illuminates our world. We carry this bright light inside us. Sharing our truth, time, energy, and love creates a brighter world for us all. Allow the universal flow into your life and share your light with the world increasing the powerful energy that supports your success and fulfillment.

W. Jane Robinson is author of The Divine Declaration – Awaken to Your Divine Inner Power, Your Life Depends On It - available nationwide at bookstores or on-line. Contact Jane at wjr@ieservicegroup.com.