Jane Robinson
Copywriter, Author, Coach and Speaker

It's What You Say. 
How you say it. And...
Who You Say it To.

This marketing trinity will make or break your sales and marketing campaign. In fact, there's no getting around it, this dynamic trio is exactly what matters most.

It lives at the top of your daily to-do list, but it's not always an easy task to get your message out efficiently, efffectively and create powerful and profitable results.

You need a copywriter who takes your message...makes it easy to read and understand, creates interest with impact, and gets readers to act...a writer who produces powerful and effective copy.

And, you need someone who understands your industry - who goes beyond just the basics - who digs into the research (and enjoys it), works well with the designers, and helps you make the sale.

That's exactly what I do...help power your marketing and sales. And, here's how I help make your marketing matter:

      √     I bring over 20 years of copywriting, media sales and sales management, marketing, business, and publishing
solid experience...the ability help you take your marketing copy and
             plan where you want it to go.

      √     I have experience and specialized training in copywriting - what sets sales and
             marketing copy apart 
from other types of writing.

      √     I've written and implemented effective direct mail campaigns. Written and
             managed marketing collateral design, managed mailing lists and buys, 
             implemented postal regulations

      √     I have experience in delivering profitable direct mail results.

      √     I bring years of research and strong personal interest in health/natural care, pet
              care, financial markets, business, publishing and personal growth

      √     I'm sincerely interested in others and their well-being (in person and in print)...BA in
             psychology and
years of advocacy (people and pets).

   What my clients are saying:

   This is so good Jane! I am amazed and thrilled with it. I absolutely love it. Thank you,
   Thank you, thank you!!!  -  Pam, Creating Clarity

    And we have a winner. - Ashley, AshCott Signature Homes



To find out how I can help you with your marketing and copywriting...send me an email wjr(at)ieservicegroup.com  for your FREE introductory consultation. 

You may also view my writing samples on the Writing Samples page.